Monday, July 4, 2011

Mari goes to the movies

Our last two  weeks have been filled with two kids birthdays and our second family camping trip slash, 4th of July weekend slash Carnvial.  Both have ended rough;/ not horrible but just not in "romantic fashion" as my husband calls it....Mari did get some free rides from the carnie's  as she "boo boo" faced her way on the rides!   As I am trying to keep up with this blog, I will first share the movie trip....

We took the kids to see Cars 2 on the weekend it came out.  We maybe see one movie a year and with it opening the weekend of two of our kids birthdays (they have back to back birthdays) we decided it was worth the trip out. We even had coupons for free popcorn for the kids (maybe that was where it was too good to be true.)  We didn't see  the 3D one, we are too cheap! ( I only added it to my story to make it a story!)  Maybe we should have splurged and that scenario would have ended better.  This was the second family "movie" outing we have ever done.  The first one did end in that "romantic notion". So we were way over confident in thinking that this movie experience would go in the same way.

Mari couldn't sit in her seat, neither could Hank, but for the record and for Dylan's sake, she was AWESOME ( 1 out 3 is good right?)  The two little ones went from sitting on my lap to Dan's, to wanting to "try out" every seat in the isle; also any time there was music in the movie, they made it into a dance party and starting jumping and dancing to  it (at least they have rhythm).   We ran out of popcorn not even half way through the movies and the two kids freaked.  I still want to  blame  the movie for not drawing the kids into the million dollar animation, but that would be too easy to do (but I still am going to say it wasn't worth the money to see in the theater and it is  more of a rental movie, but I am still probably a little bitter about the whole experience and cost. The kids also talked  VERY VERY  loudly and don't get what SHHHHHH means;/ So maybe too since I didn't get to really watch it, I don't  know how good of a movie it was?)   We had a total of 4 bathroom trips and at one point dragged Hank out because he was screaming at me because Mari was on my lap and not him.  When I finally brought him back into the theater, the seat I found to sit in was broken and just out of frustration  I sat in it for the rest  of the movie......The broken seat pretty much summed up the whole movie  trip....We will try it again next year! When this whole experience is a blur.....

Mari goes to the movies

Today my family and I went to the movies!

We even got a  drink and popcorn!

The movie is in 3D so we get to wear special glasses that makes the characters POP out of the screen!

My mom even let me bring MIMI (my special blanket) so I can stay warm during the movie.  Mom says sometimes the theater gets cold.  (A theater is the big room where you sit and watch the movie.)

My mom told me we have to follow certain rules if we are going to sit in the theater.

Here are some Movie Rules:

First rule:  YOU HAVE TO SIT IN YOUR SEAT! this means no getting up AT all during the movie. NO JUMPING, dancing, or STANDING while the movie is playing!

Rule number 2:  NO TALKING AT ALL while the movie is playing. ( My mom says if I have to say anything I can whisper very quietly to her in her ear). Talking during the movie is rude because other people are in the theater too and talking would make them miss the movie.

Rule number 3:  We all have to share the popcorn. (some day when I am BIG I might change this rule)

Rule number 4: (This should be rule number 1)  USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS!  my mom says we should do this so that we don't have to go while the movie is playing so we don't miss any of the movie because we can't stop it like we can at home.

So now I am ready to see the movie! I used the bathroom. I found my seat. The lights go out. The theater is dark. The movie starts!  SHHH!  NO TALKING!!