Monday, December 26, 2011

Mari really practicing her manners...

Christmas Eve we met with my husband's Dad and Aunt  for a brunch at Bob Evans.  Mari was dressed in her Christmas dress and cute as ever, and even cuter as she was using her "Please and Thank You's" along with  lately her favorite "Excuse me."

I say favorite because she thinks because she says it, she can interrupt and be heard at any moment because she "used her manners", and now we need to work on "wait your turn".

So at the restaurant (which I am SO thankful was not very crowded)  we were seated right away and our orders were taken immediately (as I have learned that if we are going out, we need to plan ahead what we are ordering to keep the momentum of  the moment going so that we can avoid any melt downs if at all possible and even more, "have manners" and not ruin someone else's dining experience.

Well, then the momentum slowed as the food didn't come as promptly as we were seated and orders taken.

The kids did very well coloring and eating the free bread (again, have to know where your going and what they offer to keep every moment occupied).  The waitress even came to refill our glasses twice.  On the third visit to check on us and without our order, Mari stops all of the adult conversation and says, "Excuse me," but directs it to the waitress and says, " Why are  my pancakes taking so long?"

We all were speechless and busted out laughing, including the wide eyed waitress who maintained her sweetness and replied, " I don't know but I will check for you."

In response to all our laughing, Mari shrugged her shoulders and said, "What? I said excuse me."

The food came shortly all thanks to our Mari and we had a nice brunch with family.  I guess interrupting with "Excuse me" sometimes is "Mannerful"?  (I need to make that a Mari word) And only some how  with Mari would any of this be seen as cute. ...Merry Christmas everyone!!

Mari w/ her Great-Aunt Marilyn