Monday, January 23, 2012

"familyrific" idea...Museum inspired (by Mari of course)

First let me  try to define "Familyrific" (it is a term my friend of 4 kids and I of 3 use with each other):  It is used in conversation to describe an "attempt"  to do something as a family, but to know that even in that attempt, with all the "good intentions", and "moment of purpose and romance of FUN FAMILY FUN" , it all may turn into nothing but pure chaos, total disaster, yelling, and crying (mostly from the mother who tried so hard to do it in a moment of sanity and hope, thinking her family has "grown and matured" to the next level to achieve this attempt). It is also used as reference to things that other people have done and are successful with and can make something look WAY too easy; but for you to pull it off, it takes an arm and a leg.

So here is my latest "familyrific" idea: we got a new and our first "real" dining table, so  with it a new "center piece"  (see picture) inspired by many "MadMari At the Museum" trips! 

At the museum, they have a kids room where there  is a GIANT world map on the wall.  I LOVE THIS MAP!!  There have been visits where  I just stare at it.  I am so surprised after looking at it as an adult, that either I have never heard of some of the places on it or am dumb founded to see  where they really are at in relation to us. It is just Amazing. 

I was a pretty decent student as a kid so I don't know if I can blame my education. Maybe I was just never encouraged or cared to really know where places were at.  I think too I just learned about them on a "need to know" basis.

 The biggest trips I went on as a kid were to Florida and Myrtle Beach. I don't think I really expected to be able to go anywhere else.  I did get married  in Canada, and  last year I visited a friend in Italy to only get there and realize how much I didn't know about Italy leaving me in culture shock!  Slowly now I have been exposed to other places and  I think too I can thank my kids to help open my eyes to new places (and adventures).

So with this idea I really want to talk to the kids about the planet we live in and that God so beautifully created.  We also have a list of sticky notes next to it with people we know; some separated  by states, and some separated by oceans and countries. Part of the plan is to  at dinner, use the time to pray for these friends and family and even people we have never met, to make the kids aware that life doesn't literally "revolve"  around them.  

Mind you, like most busy, crazy families, we don't always get to sit at the table in that "Norman Rockwell" fashion. I aim at having at least 3-4 meals a week at the table and even one of those nights is a frozen pizza night!  And as described "this is familyrific". In our first few attempts to do this, the kids really have cried and screamed over who gets to pick a country, who can turn the globe, and I have yelled numerous times, "QUIT SPINNING IT", and they have even  fought on who gets to pray (Fighting to Pray? I know, how do those words even go together? And it doesn't matter if they all get a turn, then they are fighting over who goes first ....;/ )  I know we won't get to do it on a daily basis that my "familyrific mom mind"  first planned, but I also have hope that as the globe is displayed in our house, the kids will take interest in it.  Mari already has, as she is probably going to be my "world traveler" out on her "Safaris" finding new animals!  

Maybe in this attempt someday as a family we will be blessed to get to travel the world?  

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mr. Eyeball

Have been wanting to post this for a while....Over Christmas we spent Christmas Eve with my husbands family and their friends, the Arbaugh's.  This would be the first time Mari had met the Arbaugh's.

The kids were great and Santa came and we opened presents Christmas morning with Dan's aunt and uncle.  Later that morning while looking at pictures on the fridge, Mari said, "Oh look that is Mr. Eyeball."
There on the fridge was a picture of another family memeber who is an older gentleman and great uncle to Mari who looked a lot like "Mr. Arbaugh" from the night before.  It took us all a few minutes to put it all together but when we did her mispronunciation was priceless and a Mari moment; and forever Mr. Arbaugh will be Mr. Eyeball.

Also we recently moved and Mari had lost her precious blanket "MiMi".  MiMi has been with Mari since she was 9 months and one night she just started asking for "Mimi", and we gave her everything until this white silky blanket was it.  As she got older I loved why she said she loved it, "Because it is cold on one side and soft on the other." (one side is satin while the other is plush). At night she just lays the silk side (the cold part)  on her bare stomach and goes to sleep.  Mimi at one point even became a "she". I bet you didn't know blankets had genders???:)

So with a little help from ebay and "Santa", Christmas morning MiMi was brought back to us (even a little "whiter" and "cleaner").  Mari squealed and ran around like a MaD Woman!!!  She was so excited!!  We told her Santa had found it and brought it back just for her.  This was probably the best Christmas with all our kids....Just a few updated pics...

Mari and Aunt Lissee making crayons 
Mari NYE 2011 sporting Piggie Tails:) (a big deal to do her hair
these days!)

Silly girl

Mari and her Mimi (and I think she was pretending to fall asleep so she would be
carried up to bed;/)