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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mari and her Biblical insight....

Mari on Wednsday nights goes to a group called Cubbies, part of a ministry called Awana.  It is club meeting like boy/girl scouts where the kids earn badges for learning Bible verses.  As we just moved it has been a great resource for the kids to go and meet new kids and to learn about God and not to mention, have some time away from me for a few hours so we both can re-charge.  The people there have been great and highly recommend it if you are looking for something for your kids.  It is affordable and in these days, a safe place to take your kids.  Here is the Awana website.  There are different clubs for each age group:

Mari and her brother Hank in the car last night got into a "deep" conversation for being 3 and 5.  Their dad overheard them saying, "God has to be real strong because he can hold the whole world and space too."

Mar also told me this morning, "You know mom, Jesus died on a cross. We made a cross last night at Cubbies. A cross looks like a lower case T."

Then her and Hank also continued their God is strong thought, as Mari told me, "That if God dropped the world, we would be just falling."  She also then said, "That Satan is mean and must be real ugly.

I love these moments with Mari.  She at 5 is already so insightful (when we wants to be).  Last, she told me and then asked, "Mom, we are suppose to love our enemies. Isn't Satan our enemy? Are we suppose to love him?"

Wow.  I am still trying to look up how to answer that one!