Thursday, May 17, 2012

The dreaded Summer whine of "I'M BORED!!!"...

Summer is just around the corner, and as much as I am looking forward to, "fun in the sun" and days of swimming,  I know we will have those moments at home playing catch up on cleaning, laundry and bills, and I will start hearing those miserable words, "I'm Bored".  So I am starting already to compile a list of things to do other than throwing the kids in front of the TV for a moment of silence.  This idea popped into my head today, as Mari came downstairs wearing this (picture below).  So this will be the first on my list. I am going to print this and tape it up on the wall in the kids room and one on the  fridge, for those moments when I hear the very whiny, "I'm Bored" but when my brain is exhausted and I can't think of one suggestion for them to do in our personal "Toys R Us".  These are the moments I swear they know I need to play catch up on  our life, SO,  I can point them to my secret weapon,  "THE LIST"....Why do I hear Jaws music thinking about this???

-------------> SUMMER "I'M BORED" LIST

1. PLAY DRESS UP (Just mention Halloween, they love to get their old costumes out! "FOR FUN" have them try on each other's costumes!)

2. PLAY DOUGH (if you are fearful of this, get over it! It is such a savior and once it dries, it sweeps up (ok usually!) But after three kids, and a one year supply of it from an awesome friend, I really learned to pick my battles about it as it keeps the kids busy for hours and I am learning to let them be a kid...AND LET THEM MIX COLORS....if you want to have fun and make your own here is a link to a recipe..Thanks Lynden!  ( USE THE CREAM OF TARTAR (learn from my mistake, it will be sticky if not;/)
3. PUZZLES ($ store is great on these and maybe make it a once a week trip to get a new one)
4.  GO "OLD SCHOOL" CRAYONS & COLORING BOOK  (have them color a picture to mail to i.e.  friend, relative. Tell them you need a "NEW" one for your fridge or grandmas fridge!) older kid idea: find them a friend's kid who they can become a Pen Pail with to send pics/letters too)
(chalk & pavement games )
6. MOVIE  OK,  for those moments where you are tired and they need a break themselves, set up a "Popcorn and Movie  Time" Try to make this a regular set-time during the day (when you are home) so they know when their screen time is and might help avoid them to keep asking to watch tv. Have more than one kid? My kids each get a day a week where  they get to pick what they watch, then they already know who gets to pick what show/movie (SAVES ON THE DRAMA). (Usually the dollar bin at Target or even the dollar store sells the plastic popcorn buckets 2 for a buck?  Anything to make it more fun and "real"! Also request "new" movies (ones you know they haven't seen) from the library, to make sure they are into the movie, and not bored two minutes later. Even better have them dress as the character of the movie they are watching and add DRESS UP to this  activity, and they may take forever to get ready and never even sit in front of the screen!)

7.  PLAY SCHOOL to keep up on skills during the summer, have worksheets for them or websites. For the older kids math sheets, for the little ones dry erase boards to practice their names. ( Have an ipad? The Dora Sky Writing ABCs is a great app (This recently through #Starbucks app of the week was free),
8. BOARD GAMES (here is a few that keep my HARD to keep busy kids busy...Go Ape, Lite Brite, Zingo and Connect Four are our favorites!!%26%23174%3B
9. CUT & PASTE Get glue sticks, old magazines and paper and let them cut and paste.
Recently we started doing this and the kids loved it (if they do it "too fast" tell them to make their "Own Magazine") This was fun to see what pictures they cut and put together


10.??? Already  drawing a blank as my moment at the computer is being brought to an end by screaming kids who  need to be pushed on to something else!! See why I started making  a list!  Most days my kids will play with their gazillion-million stuff animals so that is always a savior....but shoot me your suggestions!!! would love it! Thanks!  ~Al

For more summer deals for those days of needing an outing or to see if you can find a good deal check this awesome site out

Always READ the small print...:)
(as always...some "FAMILYRIFIC" ideas) If you don't know what that means, go back a few posts!  
I  sometimes allow myself to get frustrated by some bloggers  who seem to have it "ALL TOGETHER" so for your peace of mind, we  probably won't be as structured as I want to be this summer, but the days we are, they are so wonderful, and it is all about striving to survive most days! So all attempts get an "A" for Effort!