Monday, March 18, 2013

Been M.I.A...a lot since July

We have  moved twice now to  different cities since 2011...we have home schooled...found new doctors, dentistis...looked for a  new church, met  new neighbors and friends X2 now. We now have sent the girls back to public school right before Christmas.   We are thriving and surviving at the same time right now... Like most American moms, I think we all need a voice of some sort?  So betwen Twitter and here can get a glispse of me here or there as life has been dragging us all over and I am learning so much right now and how my kids, espeically Mari makes me grow every day!

A bit of a ramble.....

Mari started Kindergarten this fall. We started off with homeschooling using K12 and loved the program and the teacher and the concept...Mari on the other hand rebelled and excelled if you can say those two words together?  We would have days of trying to do school and she wouldn't show me anything she knew because she would say "I already know it so I don't need to tell you." #exhausting!!!   Once we moved this last time, the school district we are in is excellent and after meeting  with the teachers and also on the verge of exhaustion with so much change, sending the kids back to has been a blessing. It was hard especially a week after we sent them back, the Conneticut shooting happened.  But in that moment I still felt the descion was a good one and had and continue to cover it in prayer.  I went to public school and in public school is where I began my relationship with Christ.  It began at a Fellowship of Christian Athlete meeting and then a year later at a Young Life event where it all of a sudden clicked, and faithfully I have been in this walk with Christ since then. Lots of valleys and highs... 17 years, one marriage, 7 moves and 3 kids later.  I feel stretched, probed, and broken in my walk all at the same time strenghthed and  I now want to raise my kids to be lights in the public school and in our community.  That is my hope, we will evaluate it every year with the kids and the school and pray our way through this. ...I started another post on the pros and cons of homechool and public school a while ago and never posted it...will need to as we have learned so much through both...

The first month after Mari began kindergarten back in brick and motar, which for us is just half day, I emailed the teacher to see how she was doing.  No joke, the resonse I got, I first thought was an email to the wrong parent.  I prepared myself reading the email and millions of thoughts of meetings and IEPs that were to be discussed all went through my head. I read the email holding my breath.  I am now going to have it framed or placed in her baby book.  This is what the email said :

"She is doing great! She is above where she needs to be in reading and does a great job during reading groups. She is very good at raising her hand and participating in class discussions.  She always follows the rules and is a good role model to some of the other students! She is a pleasure to have..."

Please read that again for me and share in my joy!  Because I have heard and know from other parents and their experiences with their own kids,  that when Mari comes home she isn't all the things the teacher has said, but I know she is going out into the world right now being an example.  Since then, her report card has said she needs to be reminded not to talk during certain times, but is excelling even above the other kids. Honestly a bit of me loves that she has to be reminded not to talk  and that  she is loving on her friends and has a need to know them.  She comes home and wants to have them all over!  So right now I am thankful she is in school and continue to pray she thrives. 

At home she still pushes our buttons and tries to see what she can get away with.  From the moment she gets up we argue about getting dressed and what she will eat at each meal.  Talk about exhausting, especially because she drags her little brother and partner in crime into most of these battles;/   At night though she is the first kid to pull out the kids Jesus Bible and makes us read. In the morning she grabs my Oswald Chambers devotionl "My Utmot For His Highest" and it is the one with "thys" and "thoughs" and she says, "READ."  It is these moments I know she is not mine but Gods child and He is growing her and I only day by day can help direct and guide her in my best ablity...and on some of those days we cry, or laugh or both and even sometime scream!  ....

taking it all day by day...ox

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