Monday, April 22, 2013

Finding Strong Connections....

always a ramble...

"Find people for your child to make strong influential relationships at an early age. Then have the HOPE they will grow to be one too."

This came to me today as we met a new friend who's wife is a zoo keeper. We are very much hoping to hit it off with this couple. Mari I already know, needs this woman in her life!

After fighting so much fear and anxiety as a kid and into adulthood. I don't want my kids to be so weighed down with their own fears and anxiety. So with that, I have realized I need to find strong friends to help surround my kids with. Friends who might be "better than me" at anything and everything. You know, those people you at your first inner most judgmental thought you might label as "PTA Mom"? Ha! Or the mom who cooks from scratch or somehow gets her kids to eat vegtables or some how kids "NEVER" fight. Or the person who makes their own clothes and jewlery. You know you just had someone come to mind!:)

I am so hopeful to meet this "zoo keeper" woman and be her friend, even more for Mari. I just feel Mari is meant to be something with her love for animals and I hate how already I let my worries of "will we be able to put her through vet school, if she wants to," or "what if because I didn't buy her a horse or have every stray cat live with us" and so forth ruin me.

I recently just met a friend of a friend who teaches sewing and no joke found out she lives down the street from us and our kids go to the same school. Random Coincidence? I honestly think not. I really believe God has heard my prayers for strong influential people to be in my kids lives. Dylan, my oldest, is a fashion diva and wants nothing but to learn to sew. She has taught herself to handsew already. Tara is this woman that when you first meet her you see "COOL" all over her and teaches sewing lessons! I am so thankful for these connections! I need to look past my own limitations and find people who dream like my kids and can connect with them at an early age in hopes they will become the adults they want to be and so they can never look back and say they weren't given the chance. Then even more, hope for them to be a connection to someone else.  

I have to realize I can't do be "everything" to my kids and I don't I have too. As we hit the teenage years too, I might have to humble myself that I won't be able to be my kids BFF and always understand them, but have hope that they will have a strong adult in their life that they can always turn too. As a kid I had that in my aunts and my grandma. I am forever thankful for that. They were always a listening ear when I didn't think my parents understood me. I am already mentally preparing for the hurt it will even cause me for my kids to poor themselves out to someone else when it might not be me. I am also just still hopeful it could be me. Time will tell and I have to trust God to direct their paths.

Our neighbor across the street is the sweetest lady. She has blessed us with just tremendous love. Once a week, she invites my oldest over for "girl talk" and paints her nails and braids Dylan's hair. They sit and talk together for over an hour and Vicki just poors herself into Dylan by letting Dylan just lead the conversation. We don't have family in the area and Dylan only has one grandma who lives over 4 hours away. I had a very strong bond with my grandma and sadly Dylan might never have with my mom because of the distance, but forever, I hope, she will remember Ms. Vicki and how this one woman would just invite her over to talk all about her, when she was 9 years old. Dylan use to bite her nails. I couldn't get her to stop, even when I, her mom would paint her nails in hope it would stop. But Vicki took Dylan out and got her some special nail polish and in just "their" time together, wtih encouragment, got Dylan to stop biting her nails. Dylan now gets french manicures for her long finger nails from Vicki once a week! (I never in my life have had a french manicure! ha!)

I already am forever thankful for Vicki.

I am now hoping to find this connection for Mari. My animal loving girl needs someone who LOVES animals as much as her, especially when her mama bearly puts up with the dog we have;/

I use the word HOPE a lot with this because Hebrews 11:1 says " Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hope is all about the unseen.  I want my kids to be "the evidence"...or the proof, that even when  I couldn't see what kind of adults they would be, I already believed in who they would be. Three amazing-creative-God Fearing adults, all  because  at their early ages, I recognized they needed more than just me and so I  prayed for and asked God for other people who could help finish designing  them into who God wanted them to be....

Holding on to Hope one day at a time....I also "Hope" not to look back at this someday when my house might be a zoo of animals and think to myself "why did I ask you that God??" 

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